The Roo Awakening

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The Roos Have Awakened

Welcome to The Roo Awakening. Featuring 13,000 kangaroo NFTs, all with specific characteristics, attributes, and powers, the Roo Awakening is directly paired with a website-based and mobile game in development. This game will allow you to earn Fungy tokens and other additional rewards to be staked and utilized on

AN NFT Collection & Game

Sent to earth 50,000 years ago, after an asteroid destroyed their home planet, they quickly became the most prominent animal population. 80 million strong and seemingly unstoppable, the Roos began to reign all over the land. But, a deadly plague known as Delphimorphis had other plans for them and took out 90% of the reigning empire. Only the strong survived. After many years of hibernation, the Roos have awakened and are angry. They are not just angry but are anxious to take back their land and continue where they left.

13,000 Unique NFTs

Located on Polgyon

The Collection.

13,000 kangaroo NFTs, all with specific characteristics, attributes, and powers, Exclusively on Fungy.IO

Coming Soon To IOS & Web 3

About The Game

The Roo Awakening will be a web and mobile-based beat-em-up game centered around 13 different mobs of Roos, all specializing in different skills. Purchase a Roo Awakening NFT from a specific mob, and get access to the game where you can play to earn Fungy tokens and other additional rewards. The tokens and rewards can be used on to make your marketplace experience more pleasurable. With an in-game training mode and acquired skills, playing the game allows you to raise the value of your NFT and make the collection much more lucrative.

While the rarity of the NFT will determine the skill level and difficulty of the game for faster earning, the ability to bring the lowest priced NFTs to a higher value by engaging in the game will present all investors with equal opportunity to thrive. Which Roo Mob will reign supreme, you decide!!

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